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Electronic Components

With considerable industrial experience, we have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of electronic components, process control systems and electronic process controller. Apart from this, we also meet the requirements of equipment such as process controller and temperature controller. Our range comprises Temperature Process Control System, Hot Runner System, Thyristor Power Controller, Solid State Relays, Industrial Heaters, Hot Runner Heaters, Coil & Cartridge Heaters, AC Frequency Drive, Sensors, Proximity and Photo Sensors, Temperature sensors, & Heavy Duty Connectors. Designed with the assistance of our engineering excellence, these are widely renowned for precision functioning, negligible maintenance and longer service life. Owing to its quality features, our range finds wide application in Plastic, PET Preform, Printing, Packaging,Sugar,Engineering Industries.

Our range encompasses:

Temperature PID Process ControllersGet Quotation
DYDAC CONTROLS are leading supplier, traders, whole seller, manufacturers and exporter of a diversified range of Temperature PID Controllers, Process controllers, indiacators and scanners.

The Controllers DIN panel mounted, autotuning controller that can be used for precise control of a single loop with two independent outputs fieldconfigurable as direct acting, reverse acting or alarm. RS-232 or RS-485 communications interfaces are available, and two digital LED displays provide visual indication of various controller functions.
•Field-Configurable Universal Inputs
• User-Selectable Ramp to Setpoint
• 8-Level Ramp/Soak Control
• Bumpless Auto/Manual Transfer
•NEMA 4X (IP65) Dust and Splash-Proof Front Panel
•Decimal Display in 0.1° for Measured Temperatures Under 1000° F or C
•On/Off Through Full PID Operation (P, PI, PD, PID)
•Adjustable Hysteresis and Deadband
•Outputs Configurable as Alarms
•Field-Configurable Process or Deviation Alarms; Latching or Non-Latching; Band and Inverse Band
•Dual Output/Dual Alarm Capabilities
• CE Approvals
•Options Include Multi-Function Contact/Digital Input, Transducer Excitation, and Auxiliary Output
•Special and Custom Options Available
•DIN Rail Option

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Thyristor SCR Power ControllerGet Quotation

Dydac offers wide range of Thyristor Power Controllers in Single Phase, Double Phase , Three Phase Star or Delta , Three Phase Star with Neutral .


Soft start –bake out feature prevents moisture at start up
Current Limit , Phase Loss Trip, Over temperature TripDigital Thyristor only
Microprocessor Digital Programmable Thyristor Power Controller with Percentage Display. Program setting of Current Limit,Soft start etc by front keysDigital Thyristor only

The advantages of SCR Controls over other temperature control methods

Improved response time

Closer process control

Extended heater life

Reduced maintenance costs

Silent operation. No arcing and sparking

Reduced peak power consumption


1.Single Phase – 25 , 34, 59, 70, 90, 150, 200 , 250, 300 Amps

2.Double Phase – 25 , 34, 59, 70, 90, 150, 200 , 250, 300 Amps

3.Three Phase Star/Delta- 35, 50, 70, 90, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 Amps

4.Three Phase Star with Neutral - 35, 50, 70, 90, 150, 200, 250, 300 Amps

ThyristorSCR Power Controllers -typical applications:

  • HVAC

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Hot Runner Temperature Controller SystemsGet Quotation
  • Microprocessor Based Auto –Tune PID Temperature Controllers
  • Accepts J & K Type Thermocouple
  • Soft Start) bake out feature prevents moisture at startup
  • Auto/Manual Transfer
  • Accuracy of +/- 1 Deg. C
  • Internal Solid state triac/ SCR, triggered by Phase angle Firing
  • Dual displays for Process and Set Temperatures
  • High Speed Fuses 16 A protection Fuse
  • New Series with Short Circuit protection of Power Modules by B Curve MCB
  • Latest PID algorithm
  • Power Controller can take 3600 or 5000 Watts at 240 VAC
  • In case of thermocouple Failure you can set the PowerManually by not stopping the production
  • Auto -Tune PID Controller
  • Heaters life is extended to 10 times
  • PID Temperature controller has graph indication of percentage output going to the heaters
  • PID Temperature Controller is CE Compliant and Phase Angle Power CE Compliant
  • The Power Controllers are Phase Angle Fired and are Variable Power Controller whichgives as much Power to the Heaters as required to maintain the temperature thus savingthe Energy (Energy Conservation at Set Point) & increasing life of the heaters and less Production Break Down

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Solid State RelaysGet Quotation
Solid State Relays (SSRs) are switching devices consisting of electronic components. The term "Solid State" means that these relays do not incorporate any moving parts in the load switching circuit. When applied properly, Solid State Relays (SSRs) will last millions of cycles due to the fact that no mechanical devices are included in the load switching circuit. The user will experience no arcing problems, and operation will be troublefree , even in polluted envirom- ents (dust,gasses, etc.) Furthermore, Solid State Relays (SSRs) increase operating speed thereby providing the possibility of choosing zero or phase angle switching. A Solid State Relay is the solution when the system designer needs to switch loads in all kinds of temperature control applications. Solid State Relays are used extensively in the Plastics, Packaging, Food Processing and HVAC industries and are an excellent replacement for electromechanical relays.

  • Switching of Heater by Temperature Controller
  • Hot Runner Systems in Plastic Industry
  • Heater applications in Furnace/Oven industry
  • Plastic Processing Machinery, Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extruder
  • Solder Screen Printers, Solder Wave / Re-flow Machine
  • Solid and Liquid Packaging Equipments and Machinery
  • Medical Equipments
  • Texturising Machinery
  • Printing Machinery
  • Forward-Reverse of Motor in CNC Machines, Cranes etc.
  • Vibration Controlling in Pharma / Packaging Machinery.
  • Controlling of Infrared Heaters (Inductive Heaters) by Analog SSRs.

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Solid State Relays Single PhaseGet Quotation

Solid State Relays (SSR)

· A sensor which responds to a control signal

· A solid state electronic switching device

· A coupling mechanism

The switching device is used in order to switch power to the load circuitry. The coupling mechanism enables the control signal to activate the switch without any moving parts.


Dydac Controls offers more than 100Solid State Relays, one of the most comprehensive inventory ranges of SSRs in the industry. Our parametric filters refine your search results by Contact Current, Contact Arrangement, Output Voltage, Control Voltage, On-State Resistance and Isolation Voltage.

Solid state relays are ideal for repetitive applications due to the absence of moving parts. Some applications for solid state relays are:

· Heating

· Plastics

· Packaging

· Glass

· Medical


· food equipment

· Industrial machinery

· Control panels

· Elevators and lifts

I/O interfaces

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Solid State Relays Double PhaseGet Quotation
A Solid State Relay or Contactor (SSR or SSC) is an electronic component that switches Power (AC or DC current) to a load circuit and provides electrical isolation between an application’s control circuit and load circuit. It is a competitive technology to Electromechanical Relays (EMRs) and other switching technologies such as Mercury Displacement Relays (MDRs).


  • Switching of Heater by Temperature Controller
  • Hot Runner Systems in Plastic Industry
  • Heater applications in Furnace/Oven industry
  • Plastic Processing Machinery, Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extruder
  • Solder Screen Printers, Solder Wave / Re-flow Machine
  • Solid and Liquid Packaging Equipments and Machinery
  • Medical Equipments
  • Texturising Machinery
  • Printing Machinery
  • Forward-Reverse of Motor in CNC Machines, Crane etc.
  • Vibration Controlling in Pharma / Packaging Machinery.
  • Controlling of Infrared Heaters (Inductive Heaters) by Analog SSRs.

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Solid State Relays 3 PhaseGet Quotation

What is a Solid State Relay /contractor.

A Solid State Relay orContractor(SSR or SSC) is an electronic component that switches Power (AC or DC current) to a load circuit and provides electrical isolation between an application’s control circuit and load circuit. It is a competitive technology to Electromechanical Relays (EMRs) and other switching technologies such as MDS

Why Use Solid State Switching Technology? Circuit Trigger Switch Control 0 Switching Technology.

  • Long life
  • Quiet operation
  • Minimum electrical noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Shock & vibration resistant
  • Ideal for harsh environments
  • High compatibility with control systems
  • Fast switching


  • Switching of Heater by Temperature Controller
  • Heater applications in Furnace/Oven industry
  • Plastic Processing Machinery, Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extruder
  • Solder Screen Printers, Solder Wave / Re-flow Machine
  • Forward-Reverse of Motor in CNC Machines etc
  • Controlling of Infrared Heaters by Analog SSR
Although there are literally thousands of individual uses for Solid State Relays andContractors, most can be categorized into the following applications:

Heating ControlThis encompasses the largest segment of solid state relay customers. Applications include, but are not limited to: professional food equipment, plastic molding/extrusion machinery, HVAC & R and soldering equipment.

Benefits:Temperature accuracy, long life, no maintenance, safe product & easy to interface. Suitable for heater, fan, blower and valve control.

Lighting Control:These applications are usually broken down into three categories: theatrical, warehouse and commercial. Many of the products used in this segment are designed for the specific application.

Benefits: Dimming, silent operation, fast switching, long life, no maintenance, safe product, easy to interface & reduced parts count.

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Melt Pressure TransducersGet Quotation

Melt Pressure Sensors are utilized in a wide variety of industries, including polymer, food, medical, and chemical extrusion processing applications. Melt Pressure Sensors are available in two unique Styles. The PT style is the classic melt pressure sensor with a 6" rigid stem and 18" of flex capillary for optimum thermal isolation. The PT style offers only a 6" rigid stem. Both styles come standard with the 5 & 6-pin Bendix style bayonet connector, and a 1/2-20 UNF , M14, M18, M22 mounting thread. Our Melt Pressure Sensors are fully interchangeable with all other major brands


The Melt Pressure Transducer is ideal for general purpose Melt pressure applications. The unit features the industry standard 3.33 mV/Volt output and offers pin-to-pin compatibility with all competitors models utilizing the Bendix style 6 pin bayonet connector.The Melt Pressure Transducer comes standard with a 6" rigid stem, 18" of flexible capillary, and a 1/2-20 UNF thread for mounting in standard transducer mounting holes.


  • 3.33 mV/Volt full scale output
  • 2.0 mV/Volt full scale output
  • Accuracy +/- 0.25%, 0.5%, 0.1%
  • Internal 80% shunt calibration

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Melt Pressure ControllersGet Quotation

Melt Pressure Controllers:

  • Display pressure
  • Bar graph display for quick-glance scaled value
  • Two alarm relay output,
  • Analogre-transmissionof process variable allows signal to be sent to other devices

Ideal For:

  • Synthetic Fibres
  • Photographic film
  • Plastics- Solid extrusion
  • Wire coating
  • Multi-layer extrusion

Extrusion Melt Pressure Controllers:

  • Melt pressure control
  • Suitable for 4 or6 wire transducers
  • Pre-screen pressure monitor andalarm
  • Pressure alarms
  • Simple calibration

The Controllers are fully programmable melt pressure controller, suitable for precision pressure control in theplasticextrusion industries.In its basic format the Controller standard hardware includes an input for melt pressure measurement, an analog output to drive the extruder screw and alarms to detect high and low pressure conditions. Additionally, a second pressure input can be connected providing the facilityto puta differential pressure alarm across the screen. Automatic transducer calibration procedures and 5Vdc or 10Vdc transducer power supplies are provided for both inputs.

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Industrial HeatersGet Quotation

Infrared heating

Modern production processes need intelligent heat. And infrared thermal technology is efficient and precise. Today nearly every product that is manufactured comes into contact with infrared radiation during its manufacture.


  • PET perform heating in stretch blow molding machines
  • Printing Ink drying in offset machines
  • Screen-printing curing on T-shirts and textiles
  • Powder coating curing
  • Rubber coated drying
  • Sterilizing/mirror coating drying in glass industries
  • Paint baking
  • Paper coating drying
  • All type of lamination
  • Preheating prior to embossing


Dydac Coil Heaters for Hot runner systems are manufactured with Premium Materials and under Tight Manufacturing controls. Also known as cable heaters or Hotrunner heaters, Dydac Coil Heaters ensure Highest Quality standards to provide superior performance and better life expectancy at higher temperatures for many diversed applications such as Hot Runner moulds, manifolds & machine nozzles.


A cartridge heater is a device that is usually tubular and is inserted into drilled holes of metal blocks for heating.

TUBULAR HEATERSare generally Formed to specified sizes in Hot Runner Manifolds and Hot Plates. these heaters are mainly used for Hot Runner manifolds and Hot Plates .

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Temperature Controller PanelsGet Quotation

Dydac Temperature And Power Control Panels.

We are expert in designing Heating control Panels that are widely used for various applications in heat control processes. These are provided with Temperature Controllers, PID Temperature Controllers within the system. The excellent design and fabrication increases the accuracy and infallibility. Dydac brand control panels are designed and engineered to meet virtually every heating applications. Rating in size from 5KW to 500KW Control panel made from 14, 16 SWG CRCA sheet duly painted. All necessary component to be provided with the panels.

Following are some of the Panels are being Manufactured by us.

· Temperature & Power control Panel for all Industries

· Heat Treatment furnace SCR control Panel

· Furnace Temperature control

· Oven Temperature Control Panel

· Extruder Temperature Control Panel

· Melt Pressure Indicator Panel

· Melt Pressure Control Panel

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Thyristor Control PanelsGet Quotation

Thyristor Panel

Dydac Controls offers a wide range of both standard and custom engineered SCR power panels. From 100 watts to 500 KW’s , Dydac Controls can build an SCR system to meet your needs.

Dydac Controls ’ standard line of SCR power control panels are engineered with safety and ease of installation in mind. The control panels are prewired and tested on name plate voltage. Customer needs only to install incoming power wires, outgoing heater wires and thermocouple input connections.

Standard features include:

  • SCR Power Controller – Single or Three Phase; Phase Angle Fired or Zero Voltage Switched
  • Powder coated enclosure. Fan cooled or air conditioned
  • Input power circuit breaker or fused disconnect with door interlock
  • Definite purpose power contactor in front of SCR
  • Power On-Off Button
  • Manual reset button
  • Power on indication (lamp)
  • Load branch fusing with box style connections to the heaters
  • Temperature controller. Separate over temperature controller

Options include:

· Power monitoring (volts, amperes )

· Chart recorder ( On Demand )

· Heater on indicator (lamp)

· Alarm indicators (lamps)

· Annunciation flashing beacon and/or audible horn

· Thermocouple outlet(s)

Dydac Controls uses Athena, Honeywell, Omron, Fuji, Axis, temperature controllers.

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Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels Get Quotation

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels ( APFC Panels )
We design and manufacture automatic power factor correction panel. (contactor switching)
Power Factor is ratio which represents actual power dissipated in A.C. circuit to the product of R.M.S. voltage and current. The phase difference between voltage and current is caused by reactance in circuit and represents power that does no useful work

Power factor is low in industrial settings where most of the plant energy is used to power electric motors. It is lowest when the induction motors tend to be oversized and under-loaded. A lagging (less than 1.0) power factor causes some additional energy loss because more current is required to deliver a required amount of power. Correcting power factor can be an appropriate and cost-effective measure.

Inductive load is major cause of poor factor and which is responsible for unnecessarily power loss, hence it results in rise of electricity bills of industrial, commercial consumer so Reactive power compensation is very need of today’s industries. We can easily control and maintain power factor near to unity with Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel.

APFC Panel Provides:

Automatic power factor correction

Wide range of correction stages 4 - 14 stage.

Dampen effect of transient during capacitor switching

Optimum reactive power compensation.

Savings and incentives in electricity bills

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Heavy Duty ConnectorsGet Quotation
Heavy duty connectors

Heavy duty connectors are specifically designed for applications in extremely rough environments. Their modular design makes the distribution of power and signals simple.

These Connectors handles even the toughest jobs with ease – the robust housings of powder coated aluminum protect against mechanical stress and prevent ingress of splashing water and dirt. The great advantage of theconnector lies in its modularity and simple connectivity, which drastically simplifies even the most complex wiring applications.

  • Basic Connector Specification : Connector3+,4+ PinConnector10 A - 250 V
  • Basic Connector Specification :Connector6 to48(2x24)+PE pin connector 16A-500V
  • Basic Connector Specification :Connector7+,8 to 128(2x64)PEpin connector 10A-250V
  • Basic Connector Specification :Connector10 to 72(3X24)++pin connector16A-250V
  • Basic Connector Specification : Connector,2+PE to 5+PE pin connector 80,16A-830,400v
  • Basic Connector Specification :Connector6 & 12(2X6) pin connector 35A-600v

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Pressure TransmittersGet Quotation
Pressure Transmitters
  • 1/2% accuracy
  • stainless wetted parts
  • two wire 4...20mA

Low Cost

The Stainless Steel Pressure Transmitter features compact construction, an integral amplifier, 2-wire 4-20mA output signal and extensive medium compatibility.

The design of the Stainless Steel Pressure Transmitter provides a 1/2% accurate, low cost transmitter that can operate over a wide temperature range with corrosion resistance.

The Stainless Steel Pressure Transmitter is available from stock in both standard and refrigerant models.

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SCR Voltage RegulatorGet Quotation

SCR Voltage Regulator

Product Description

TSD/TSG series have the built-in LED which displays the output voltage. This newdesign has special advantages, such as high accuracy, good shock-resistant, goodreliability, strong anti-interference ability, small overall dimensions, light weight, clearreading, no parallax, remote viewing results.It always applies with our another productTSG V to control temperature of bottle blowing machine or other mechanicalequipments. An intelligent voltage regulator with digits independent PV and SVdisplays. Easy to read , and good quality

1. Intelligent voltage regulator TSD-V is of 2 rows 3 digits independent PV and SVdisplays.

2. When used together with SCR, Triac voltage regulator can regulate thevoltage across the load.

3. High quality and high accuracy voltage regulator

Technical data:

1. Output impulse: Breadth value ≥ 3v, width ≥ 50us; S (when the load resistance is20ohm)

2. Voltage setting range: 0-220v(or the voltage range you want)

3. Working environment: Temperature 0-50 degrees celsius, relative humidity does notexceed 85%, non-corrosive environment.

4. Power supply: AC 220v+/-15%, 50Hz+/-1Hz; About 3va


1. TSG-V 48x48x88mm

2. TSA-V96*96*100mm

3. TSD-V72*72*100mm

4. TSG- 48*48*88

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Temperature Sensors and CablesGet Quotation

Measuring temperature electrically

The measurement of temperature is important in many applications, such as, Plastic processing, Glass, building control, food processing and the manufacture of steel and petrochemicals. These very different applications require temperature sensors of different physical construction and often different technology.

In industrial and commercial applications the measurement point is frequently far away from the indication or control point. Often there is a requirement for further processing of the measurement in controllers, recorders or computers. Such applications are unsuitable for direct-indicating thermometers as we know them from every-day use but require devices which convert temperature into another form, an electrical signal. To provide this remote electrical signal it is common practice to employ RTD?s. thermistors and thermocouples.


The main metals in use are platinum and nickel. The most widely used sensor is the 100 ohm or 1000 ohm RTD or platinum resistance thermometer.

RTD?s are the most accurate sensors for industrial applications and also offer the best long-term stability. A representative value for the accuracy of a platinum resistance is +0.5 percent of the measured temperature. After one year there may be a shift of +0.05?C through aging. Platinum resistance thermometers can cover temperature ranges from -200 to 800?C.

Thermocouples are based on the effect that the junction between two different metals produces a voltage which increases with temperature. Compared with resistance thermometers they offer the clear advantage of a higher upper temperature limit, up to several thousand degrees Celsius. Their long-term stability is somewhat worse (a few degrees after one year), the measuring accuracy is slightly poorer (on the average +0.75% of the measurement range). They are frequently used in ovens, furnaces, flue gas measurements and other areas with temperatures above about 250?C.

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Digital  TimerGet Quotation

Timers And Time Totalizers

Multirange Series

Sizes: 96X96X70 72X72X110 48x96x110 36x72x74

Cyclic Timers Hr/Min/Sec


99/59/59 Delayed On / Off Cyclic

Programmable Digital Timers

Dual Display

3-½ Digit, 7 Segment

Setting By

Front Key Pad

Time Range

0.1 Sec., to 999.9 minute

Output Mode

Auto/Manual user selectable

Memory Backup

100 Years (Optional)

Power Supply

180-230V AC ± 10% 50/60Hz


48 × 48, 72 × 72, 96x96 mm


Time base, quartz crystal,0.001%

Thumb wheel Setting Digital Timers

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Digital CounterGet Quotation

Electronic Digital Counters


4,6 Digit, Dual Display


3-½ Digit, 7 Segment .56" Height; Red/Green L.E.D.


1, 2 Stage


Front Keyboard


By Switch Provided on Front Panel
(Pulse Width 1µ Sec.(Min.)


DC 12V ± 10% 50mA max. (Ripple 5% Max.)


Contact, Opto Coupler, Proximity Switch, Limit Switch, High/Low Voltage


Signal can be multiplied or divided through software


5 KHz


1 Count


10 Amp. Max. at 230V AC (Non Inductive)


Programmable (optional)


10 Years (Semi-permanent)


Up Counting/Down Counting or Both (optional)


180 - 230V AC ± 10% 60/50Hz


0 - 50°C, 35-85% RH.


48×96, 72x72, 96 ×96

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Power SuppliesGet Quotation

Industrial Power Supplies

Applications :

  • Starters
  • Control Panels
  • Machine Control
  • Time Delay
  • Switching

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Humidity Indicator and ControllersGet Quotation

Humidity indicators and humidity + temperature with relay or SSR output on request

3 wire Capacitive sensor 10-95 RH

Sizes 72x72x110 36x72x74 96X96X70
Humidity : Temperature Proportional/ On-off action
Hysteresis : 0 to 20% RH :0 to 20
Offset : 19 to+19% RH :-19 to+19°C Relay action : Humidity / Dehumidity Heat or cool
Output : Single change over relay for each ( 5 Amp @ 230 VAC) SSR O/P on request

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Photo Electric SensorsGet Quotation

Inductive Proximity Switches

Aphotoelectric sensor, orphotoeye, is a device used to detect the distance, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transmitter, often infrared, and aphotoelectricreceiver. They are used extensively in industrial manufacturing.

Photoelectric sensors use a beam of light to detect the presence or absence of an object. This technology is used to identify size and contrast of an object. 4 kinds of general purpose photoelectric sensor product lines are designed to ensure advanced technology performance combined with optic & electric technology and are widely applied in various fields of industry for its optimized functions, quality, application flexibility and reliability while remaining strongly competitive with its price among the whole industry. Application areas of photoelectric sensors include industrial automation lines, elevators, parking facilities, logistics services, semiconductor devices, packaging machines and construction areas.

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Linear Scale TransducersGet Quotation

Linear Scale / Position Transducers


Plastic / Metal Injection Moulding Machineries, Textile Machineries, Transfer / Hydraulic Machineries, Marble / Stone Machineries and General Automation Applications


  • The transducer has been improved in order to guarantee greater reliability under all conditions
  • A sturdier structure makes the Transducer even stronger for applications with heavy vibration
  • Installation is made simpler by the absence of electrical signal variation in output, outside the Theoretical Electrical Stroke
  • The new grooves provide an excellent alternative to the usual system of fastening with brackets
  • Ideal for applications on plastic injection presses, vertical presses, and on many other processing machines
  • This transducer is designed to guarantee a high protection level (IP67) in applications under harsh conditions and outdoors, where it may be necessary to work in the direct presence of dust, dirt, or liquids (not in prolonged immersion)
  • The grooves on the profile provide an excellent alternative to the usual system of fastening with brackets
  • Ideal for applications on plastic injection presses with installation at points that are highly exposed to lubricants
  • Also indicated for processing machines on which the transducer cannot be protected by guards

Sizes/Strokes: 50/75/100/130/150/175/200/225/275/300/350/375/400/450/500/600/650/750/900 mm

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AC Frequency DriveGet Quotation

Our drives cover every automation application need in the industrial plant. These AC drives incorporate the latest technological advancements in AC motor speed control, made possible by experience and dedication to quality in design and manufacturing. These adjustable frequency drives offer the greatest selection of size and performance available, with power ranges from fractional HP to 1500 HP. Because all adjustable frequency drives are rigorously tested, Dydac ensures that quality and reliability are designed in and built in

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Hot Runner ConnectorsGet Quotation
Leading Exporter of small 16 pin connector from New Delhi.

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